DZYNE Technologies Awarded U.S. Air Force Contract to Design Swarming Uncrewed Aerial Systems for Precision Payload Delivery

Irvine, California – The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has tapped the expertise of DZYNE Technologies (DZYNE), a leading provider of uncrewed systems and analytical system technology solutions, in an effort to meet the growing demand for a system that delivers small payloads to the battlefield. AFRL has awarded DZYNE the Small Payload Precision Air-Launched Inexpensive Delivery System (SPPAIDS) contract.

Under the $89.4 million contract for SPPAIDS, DZYNE will develop, mature, and demonstrate uncrewed aerial system (UAS) swarming technologies for an eventual transition to U.S. military users. SPPAIDS is a low-cost system designed to improve small-payload precision delivery at long standoff ranges.

DZYNE is responsible for the aerodynamic and mechanical design, software development for precision delivery, prototyping of the air vehicle, and material and manufacturing development.

“As UAS continue to evolve, the military is seeking platforms that are smaller, lighter, nimbler, faster, and have longer ranges,” said Dr. Thomas Strat, CEO of DZYNE Technologies. “DZYNE is thrilled to work with the Air Force to enhance critical precision payload delivery to the battlefield.”

The SPPAIDS contract, expected to be completed by June 2027, is a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract to commercialize technology previously developed by DZYNE under the Air Force SBIR program.

The air-launched SPPAIDS system is expected to precisely deliver as much as 25 pounds (11 kilograms) of payload, with minimal cost and labor necessary from the end user. The aircraft will be designed to deliver payloads to support various missions.  

About DZYNE Technologies

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