DZYNE Technologies 10th Anniversary Celebration

DZYNE Technologies Incorporated (DZYNE) has achieved a milestone this year by celebrating its tenth anniversary. DZYNE was founded in 2012 with the concept of putting artificial intelligence on aircraft when building UAVs. What was once a small startup business venture has turned into a defense-oriented company that has achieved prominence in both the aerospace and artificial intelligence arenas. DZYNE was able to honor this occasion by assembling those staff members located throughout the US virtually for one spectacular celebration!

DZYNE’s President and Co-founder, Matthew McCue, said, “It’s been an exciting and inspiring journey to make it to the 10-year mark after having started from such humble beginnings with just three individuals coming together with one concept. We commenced with the design and build of the Mooney M-10 three-seater, and now we have nearly 200 staff members who design, produce, and support UAVs of all sizes!”

DZYNE builds and operates intelligent, unmanned aircraft. DZYNE also develops a full suite of algorithms and systems for processing real-time onboard sensor data to increase autonomy for a variety of missions of national importance.

Congratulations, DZYNE!