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About Us

Our mission is to create autonomous defense ecosystems to defend and protect against technology-enabled threats. Our AI-enabled air, land, and sea systems provide unparalleled integrated battlefield autonomy and build trust in robotic systems. Precision, agility, and a passion for protecting humanity are our guiding principles.

We are not here to play — we are designing a safer future.

All Inclusive Technology Solutions Provider

We rapidly design, develop, and deliver cutting-edge technologies.

From cutting-edge design and engineering to rapid product development to manufacturing and operations, our family of products are seamlessly integrated.

The Future of Defense Starts Here.

DZYNE is comprised of the top minds in the field, proven in their ability to not only conceive of groundbreaking designs, but also to deliver functioning systems with precision, agility and innovation at every turn. Our expertise lies in aerodynamics, structural design, systems engineering, flight test, artificial intelligence, and software development. We are the future of autonomous defense ecosystems.

Markets Served

U.S. Government

CPSR, DCAA, DCMA, DCAS approved with facility clearances.


Design, manufacturing, operations, and rapid prototyping.


Long-range and use-case autonomous flight for commercial and non-profit organizations.


ITAR compliant and exportable systems.

Our Clients

In the News

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Airborne Systems

Proven cost-disruptive autonomous airborne systems providing long range ISR, expendable capabilities, threat emulation, and mission-driven aircraft development.

A suite of software-enabled autonomous systems providing modular, interoperable security for intelligent awareness and response for militaries and civilian organizations.

Software & AI

Artificial intelligence and advanced software creating integrated intelligent systems and human-machine teams.

Operations Support

Laser-focused support delivering exceptional maintenance, training, and results.