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The Ascent™ business jet uses BWB efficiency gains to triple floor-space when compared to today’s top business jets like the Gulfstream G650 and Bombardier Global 7000 while delivering ultra-long range and speed.

The Ascent™ business jet is not a hallway, it’s a home. It offers multiple bedrooms, stand-up showers, a living room, dining areas, a theater, and even an exercise room. A unique feature is the large skylights which fill the cabins with natural light and offer an extraordinary view of the stars at night.

ASCENT™ 1000

The Ascent™ 1000 super regional jet will provide passengers unprecedented spaciousness, while providing improved fuel efficiency for the airlines. The BWB design will make commercial air travel less expensive, quieter, greener, and much more comfortable for the passenger. The layout reduces the distance from the entrance to the most remote seat from 25 rows to only 10, improving boarding times and the overall passenger experience. The Ascent™ 1000 will be the greenest airliner to grace the skies, burning 35% less fuel than future tube-and-wing airliners.