The DZYNE Technical Services brings advanced expertise to client projects through the creation of custom client partnerships.  DZYNE brings game-changing staffing and product solutions to the Aerospace and Defense industries by building strong relationships with both our employees and clients. 

Through the employment of top talent, seamless efficient contracting, and customization of services, DZYNE strives to exceed our clients’ unique needs.  DZYNE works will a variety of companies around the country by providing high-level professions with a diversity of skillsets.

The DZYNE team offers products and expertise in Aerospace and Defense including:  

  • Strategic Market Analysis

    • Market Share Expansion and Diversification

    • Disruptive Capability Introduction versus Legacy Improvement

  • Systems Engineering Expertise and Services for Flight Systems (Unmanned Vehicles, Missiles, Aircraft):

    • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and Employment Concept Development

    • Service Use Profile Development

    • Model Based Systems Engineering, including Design to Cost

    • System Requirement Synthesis and Documentation

    • External Weapon Interfaces

    • Reliability Development

    • Integrated System Maturation and Verification

    • Manufacturing Process Control

  • System and Program Creation

  • Supply Chain Strategies, Management, and Associated Technical Services

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Downrange Services

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Operations and Maintenance

  • Training System Development and Delivery

  • Model Based Systems Engineering Training

The DZYNE Technical Services team retains the highest caliber talent by offering a comprehensive employee package, flexible schedules, and exceptional personal service. 


For additional information please contact DZYNETechServices@DZYNETECH.COM