Established in 2012, DZYNE Technologies is a small business with three primary locations: Southern California, Southern Arizona, and the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our repeated program success has resulted in significant growth and numerous satisfied clients in both the commercial and government arenas. We have assembled a team proven in their ability not only to produce innovative designs, but also in their ability to create game-changing design capabilities. 

It is a success story of which we are extremely proud: our products have received numerous accolades for their elegant engineering innovations. Unprecedented flight vehicle range and endurance with vertical take-off and landing. Comprehensive insight to drive decisions from big data.

Behind these innovations is our extraordinary design capability. Design innovations are made possible through human expertise amplified through a suite of multidisciplinary design technologies that provide unparalleled full-system integration. Our approach yields repeatable, proven results, executing to a best-in-class development cycle time.