In October 2020, DZYNE opened a new production facility in Foothill Ranch, California, while managing to ramp up activities to meet the strong demand for innovative, intelligent, autonomous aircraft.

DZYNE’s manufacturing capabilities range from aircraft avionics and assemblies, wire harness fabrication, fuel and propulsion system integration and assembly, along with composite airframe fabrication and modification. This broad, vertically aligned manufacturing capability is operated within the scope of DZYNE’s AS-9100D quality certification to ensure repeatable, high-quality product delivery.

Housed within the new Foothill Ranch facility is DZYNE’s center composites manufacturing, which boasts a diverse staff from many proven sectors of manufacturing industries.

From prototype to high rate production, the manufacturing team can support the initial product introduction into initial low-rate production design and process development to meet our customer requirements with a mind towards creating a cost-effective prototype or production work packages.

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Space
  • Commercial and Military Aerospace
  • Automotive