Aircraft Integration

The Aircraft Integration team performs the installation of advanced avionic systems and aircraft powerplants. The DZYNE team is composed of Military veterans and expert technicians who are highly skilled in assembling our autonomous aircraft and powerplants.

When fully integrated, a complete Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) is conducted to demonstrate that the system operates as specified and aligns with our AS-9100D certification. The ATP process validates and verifies that each system is fully mission capable and prepared for flight operations.


  • Aircraft Assembly
  • Ground Station Configuration
  • Full System Validation
  • System Calibrations
  • Flight Controls
  • Launch Recovery Implementation
  • Fuel and Oil Analysis
  • Radio Configuration
  • Autopilot Programming
  • Aircraft Interval Maintenance


  • Engine Test Validation
  • System Performance Analysis
  • Author Technical Manuals
  • Compliance with Air Worthiness Directive


  • Air/Data Test Set
  • Calibrated Aircraft Assembly tools
  • Prop Vibration Analyzer


  • ESD Safe Work Areas
  • FOD Controlled Environment