Location Irvine, CA

Security Clearance Required Security Clearance Required

Position Description

The PCE leads the technical staff in all systems engineering activities from the Acquisition System’s Pre-Milestone A efforts through the Milestone C’s FCA/PCA. The PCE is a direct report to the Division Director of Engineering.


  • Pre Milestone A Engineering Task Leadership, to include

    • Customer interface to develop a valid “service use profile/stockpile to target sequence” (SUP/STS) use these as supporting documents for the documentation of a CONOPS and employment concept

    • Best value product conceptual/predesign creation to meet the SUP/STS needs. This will require the identification of Associate Contractors, and any external interfaces.

    • Customer interface to develop a Performance Based Specification for the product system that is viable and which with mapping of section 3 and 4 could be authenticated.

    • Conduct functional decomposition of the system to establish subsystem functionality and internal interfaces (hardware and software), external interfaces must be included as well.

    • Establish reliability development and qualification strategy/definition to include delta and re-qual

    • Subsystem ownership determination, based upon maturity, characterization level, performance, and cost. Including subsystem trades will suppliers to assure design is clearly manageable from cost, schedule, and technical performance levels. Also included are necessary subsystem characterization and margin assessments.

    • Establish design characterization and margin strategies, to assure fight test and qualification first pass success

    • Establish the System Simulation and Analysis development and validation plan

    • With System Simulation plan, establish the Software development and verification environment plan.

    • Direct the development of a complete program plan that integrates all disciplines, including operation, and logistics. Iterations to include the trades necessary to maintain overall, and supplier targeted costs. Also includes the entry and exit criteria for the major program reviews to include; SRR, SDR, PDR, CDR, FCA/PCA, and PRR (production readiness reviews) Includes early Safety Board plan reviews to minimize downstream surprises.

    • Use the above to direct the generation of a Prime SOW and SOW with defined deliverables for each supplier. These to be integrated into contracting packages with required flow downs to sub-tier vendors.

    • Act as technical interface to customer during proposal efforts, and lead any oral presentation

    • In special case of Prototype creation, the project engineer will lead a team to condense the requirements to create best value in moving design maturity toward Milestone B, and marketing value, for the available funding. He will then lead the team to create the product and demonstrate the prototype while acting as the customer technical point of contact.

  • Milestone A entry through exit:

    • Establish engineering protocol for configuration management

    • Manage SRR/SDR to include functional decomposition, draft ICDs, andbi-directional mapping to subsystem level

    • Manage the development activities necessary to reach PDR milestone entry criteria

  • Milestone B to Milestone C:

    • Direct and manage the product development efforts to fully qualify including developmental test and evaluation, conduct the Critical Design Review, and then perform operational testing and evaluation

    • Complete the Product Baseline Record, and successfully conduct the Production Readiness Review

Required Skills

  • Experience in the development of engineering program plan, to assure complete integration of all product interfaces and internal disciplines, as well as plan execution.

  • Experience with system and subsystem qualification planning and conduct, as well as the definition of qualification, delta qual, and requal.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Understanding of defense acquisition system steps and associated requirements.

  • Understanding of Contractor products necessary for entry and exit from major acquisition milestones

  • Experience with development of SUP/STS and conversion to Performance Based Specifications

  • Experience or understanding of engineering approaches to reliability through development, and its maintenance in production

  • Experience with system safety analysis and work with the safety boards (NNMSB)

  • Experience and understanding of configuration management approaches and techniques in development and production.

  • Excellent communicator

  • Excellent oral presentation skills

  • Excellent decision making skills

  • Inclusive leadership style

  • Excellent motivational leadership

  • Willingness to mentor

  • Balance between confidence and willingness to admit that there is more to learn

Typical Education/Experience

  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering required, Aerospace Engineering preferred

  • Masters of Science Degree in Aerospace Systems preferred

    • Includes Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Advanced GN&C, Advanced Aerodynamics, Advanced Aerospace Structures, Advanced Communications Technologies, Advanced Propulsion, Advanced Electronics Design and Analysis

  • Defense Systems Management Certificate in Defense Program Systems Engineering Planning and Management.

  • Successful application of fundamentals above to successful product development is potentially substitute for the above, or may replace portions of the desired foundational knowledge.