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The DZYNE Analytic Systems excels in the creation of software-based solutions in the domains of real-time data analytics, autonomy, and sensor exploitation.  Working with our clients to solve complex challenges, our team has developed a suite of algorithms and techniques to reduce processing time, increase solution accuracy, and harness mobile processing for a multitude of data sources and applications. 

Our team’s expertise has produced solutions in the following areas:

  • Sensor Processing Algorithms for Multiple Sensor Modalities

    • Full Motion Video Processing

    • Real-time Tracking, Mosaicking, and Geo-Registration

    • Near Real-time 3D Reconstruction

    • Depth Mapping

  • Analytics and Autonomy

    • Machine Leaning for Object Recognition, Identification, and Anomaly Detection

    • Constraint-Based Route Planning and Position Refinement for Unmanned Systems

  • Mobile Processing and Cloud Innovation

  • User Interface / User Experience

For additional information about our products or services, please contact us at DZYNEAnalytics@dzynetech.com.