Imagine driving to the beach in your day clothes. Now skip the parking lot, wet suit, and the suba gear. Drive straight into the water and submerge to explore the wonders of the underwater world. Do this all while in a comfortable, dry cockpit.

This is DrySub, a road-able submarine patented by DZYNE Technologies. DrySub uses wings to go underwater instead of heavy ballast and flood tanks. This allows DrySub to be light enough for the road. But this also means DrySub automatcially ascends if you encounter a problem. If stopped underwater, the wings cannot pull down so DrySub bobs safely to the surface.

DrySub carries 2 people and weighs about as much as a compact car. You can drive 40 miles to the beach, explore underwater for 2 hours , then return home on a single charge. It will have the standard amentities you expect in your car. DrySub will be street legal and be classified as a motorcycle.

DrySub’s performance is impressive. DrySub submerges at only 4 mph but can speed up to 20 mph underwater. Typical exploration speed is 5-10 mph. On land, DrySub can go as fast as a hybrid car. DrySub can also be used as a boat on the surface. With the canopy open, you can cruise at 10 mph.

  • Park it in your garage
  • Drive on the freeway or to the beach
  • Wear everyday street clothes
  • No scuba gear or training required
  • No mask or mouthpiece of any kind
  • Drive 40 miles to the water
  • Stay underwater for 2 hours
  • Dive down to depths of 150 ft
  • Drive 40 miles back home
  • Recharge with standard EV charging equipment