Ascent 1000 Exterior


Ascent 1000 Interior

Ascent 1000

The Ascent 1000 is the next generation super regional jet that delivers both passenger comfort and fuel efficiency. Its modern, Blended Wing Body (BWB) architecture offers significant advantages over traditional tube-and-wing airplanes. DZYNE’s recent breakthrough innovations allow BWB technology to be applied to this size class of jetliners.

The Ascent 1000 will provide passengers unprecedented spaciousness, while providing improved fuel efficiency for the airlines. Scheduled for entry into service around 2025, the Ascent 1000 will be the greenest airliner to grace the skies, burning 35% less fuel than future tube-and-wing airliners.

DZYNE will offer two BWB jet variants: the 112-passenger Ascent 1000 super regional jet and a revolutionary, ultra-spacious business jet. Both DZYNE BWB jets offer unprecedented comfort; however, the revolutionary business jet will offer three times the floor space compared to existing, large cabin business jets. These jets will be built by trusted names in the aerospace industry.


Widest passenger cabin in aviation history.


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